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Cheap Twelve Channel (C12C) Servo Controller
  • Supports most PS2 compatible game pads, tethered or wireless
  • Controls up to 12 R/C servos or servo-compatible devices such as Electronic Speed Controls (ESCs)
  • Joystick channels can be operated in proportional, momentary or latched modes
  • Joystick dead-bands are adjustable
  • Button channels can be operated in momentary or latched modes
  • Servo reverse, centering and scaling supported on all channels
  • Dual-channel mixing supported for all 6 odd-even channel pairs
  • Settings configured using portable CCS Serial LCD or using a PC/laptop with the CCS Serial Cable
  • All settings saved to on-board memory and automatically loaded on power-up
  • Complete C12C User Manual (PDF)
The Cheap Twelve Channel (C12C) Servo Controller is a low cost embedded controller that allows a Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) game pad (or equivalent) to control up to twelve standard R/C servos or servo-compatible devices. It provides proportional, momentary or latched control of all servo channels using the four joysticks and various buttons provided by the PS2 game pad (see diagram below). The C12C also provides dual-channel servo mixing for all six odd-even pairs of channels, allowing them to be used with a pair of Electronic Speed Controls (ESC) to provide tank-style skid steering. The C12C supports both tethered and wireless game pads allowing it to be used as a short-range R/C controller (up to 70 feet depending on the wireless game pad used). The C12C is perfect for short-range control of R/C tanks, cars, boats, and robots. See the C12C User Manual (PDF) for complete details of all features and capabilities.

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