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Battle Tested

See for battle reports, photos and images of our control systems in action.
All of the control systems and components sold by Cheap Control Systems are literally battle-tested in order to prove their effectiveness, robustness and reliability. Systems are routinely installed in a variety of vehicles and tested for hours in some of the most rugged conditions seen by R/C vehicles.

C6C In Action
Take a look at this video made by Marc Methorst after he installed the C6C in his R/C tank. Easily steering with one hand while filming with the other.

Our Mission
You shouldn't have to pay high prices to get quality control systems for your R/C car, boat, tank, submarine or robot. In fact, part of the fun of participating in such hobbies is the exchange of technical information and solutions that have proven themselves over time. Cheap Control Systems was founded by two over-educated PhDs to provide R/C hobbyists with the the high-quality solutions they need, but that don't cost a lot of money in the process. Moreover, all Cheap Control Systems are designed to be easily fixed whenever necessary. (Of course, when do R/C hobbyists ever break anything?)

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If you'd like to contact us regarding any of the items listed here or just want to chat about life, simply fill out the Administrator Message form to send us a message.

Featured Products
C12C Servo Controller

A low-cost embedded controller that can control up to twelve (12) standard R/C servos (or servo-compatible devices) from a tethered or wireless Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) game pad (or equivalent). Provides proportional, momentary, and latched control for all servo channels, as well as tank-style mixing for up to 6 pairs of channels. Channel settings are configured using either the portable CCS Serial LCD or a Windows PC/laptop and the CCS Serial Cable.

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CCS Serial LCD

A compact, portable serial terminal used to configure the C12C Servo Controller in the workshop or in the field. A single cable connected to the device is all that is needed to power the terminal and configure the device. Display contrast can be adjusted to suit lighting conditions.

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CCS Serial Cable

Low-cost USB-to-TTL-Serial cable that can be used to configure the C12C Servo Controller from a Windows PC or laptop. Includes USB driver software that can be installed on any modern Windows platform and an easy-to-use terminal application.

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